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Meeting 1/3/12

Pirate Fury Co

Pirate Fury Co started on October 7, 2010 By Basil Tackcrash. The guild is still active and members can be found today still

The guild has 500 members and i run by a great gentleman who has lead their guild to great success being very kind, helpful and friendly. They are not a big Abassa guild but have 15-25 people on per. day. They can be found sinking ships publicly, or hanging out at any sever all day

Co GuildmasterEdit

Marc Goldhawk / Elizbaeth

Majority OfficersEdit

  • Annawulf
  • Sven Keelbreaker
  • Gun Powder Smith

Other OfficersEdit

  • Linda
  • John Shipwreck
  • Zahra
  • Chip
  • Kara Markova

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