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    February 15, 2011 by Simon Treasurehawk

    Lately I have been appointed as Admin of Categories. Believing this wikia will be found eventually, I'm going to write a blog on how to manage categories.

    A Category is a page that keeps the wiki organized. Normally categories are closer to the bottom of a page.

    To add a category, go to the bottom of a page and press a button that says something like add a category. After clicking that, type the category name. (Deleted Guilds, Guilds, etc.) Or to delete or continue to add categories, closer to the top of the page, click edit, now again, go to the bottom, and click add category, type whatever the category is named. Also to create a category, go ahead and type the name of what you want to name (Please keep in mind, it needs to be important.) A…

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